Not your typical optical!

Believe it or not, these lenses are the same prescription, material, and they're from the same frame!

Believe it or not, these lenses are the same prescription, material, and they're from the same frame!

At Krystal Vision we strive to be the best at everything we can control! This includes our large selection of frames, fast turnaround time, and helpful staff. We don't believe in pointing our customers to a group of frames and letting them fend for themselves. WE HELP! Offering our opinions, other options and like you can see from the image above, we have the knowledge to create the best possible outcome both visually and cosmetically. Let me tell you a little bit about the picture above.

We had a young patient who had a higher plus prescription, this is the type of prescription that gives you the "cokebottle" look. You know the look? When you're eyes are magnified to be twice their size? The prescription is the same in both of these lenses and they go in the same frame. The difference? Knowing what measurements to take and combining those measurements with a skilled lab gives us the ability to get lenses that are far thinner than most opticals and customers dream of. You see, there's not much that is different between these two lenses. They are the same material. They belong to the same frame. They are even the same prescription. We lucked out with the customer's frame being a great fit already. But the rest was utilizing our skillset to create lenses that got rid of the magnified cokebottle look and gave our customer their thinnest and lightest pair of glasses yet!

We believe in word of mouth at Krystal Vision. So we want to give our customers the best overall result we possibly can. And the lenses above shows one of many cases we've had that we've been able to go above and beyond even our own expectations to create a great pair of glasses! If you have a strong prescription and you haven't been happy with your results give us a call! We will go out of our way to make the best pair of glasses you've ever had!

Etnia Barcelona


Etnia Barcelona has always been a customer favorite in our office. And it's one of our favorite brands too, with their high quality materials, one of the largest selections a brand has to offer, and some of the most exciting colors that we have seen. Etnia Barcelona consists of handmade frames from Barcelona, Spain. They feature unique colors that no other brand has access to and they are built to last. Backed with one of the best warranties around, Etnia never fails to impress once you try a pair on.


Their acetate frames feature durable hidden spring hinges. Their Nanoflex metal frames are one of the lightest designs made. And they have a Vintage Collection that features five barrel hinges and shapes that look great on everybody. They also have a sunglass line that uses lenses made of Barberini Glass which is the finest glass lens available. The glass provides optics that are unrivaled by other materials and scratch resistance you can't find in anything but glass.


If you're looking for a brand that features quality, fun colors, and comfort then Etnia is a great option. Krystal Vision has the biggest selection of Etnia Barcelona in Northern Utah, so stop by if you're ready for a new look!

Buying Glasses Online vs Buying Glasses in Person

Buying Glasses Online vs Buying Glasses in Person

We understand the convenience of buying glasses online. Why spend your time in a boring optical when you can order a pair of glasses from the comfort of your own home while binging on your favorite Netflix show? But that's why we strive to keep the experience more interesting and fun at Krystal Vision!

Ovvo Optics

Here at Krystal Vision and Sunwear we specialize in unique eyewear that's going to last and there is no other brand that epitomizes that more than Ovvo Optics. A privately owned company out of Poland, Ovvo has created some of the most unique and durable frames we have come across. Cut out of one sheet of a surgical steel and titanium blend they are lightweight and flexible. When asked about their warranty we were told, "If it breaks we want to know how." With a return rate due to breakage of less than 1% worldwide, Ovvo has the right to boast about their durability!

Here is a true demonstration of a pair of Ovvo's holding a 45 pound weight by themselves. Don't believe it? Stop by and see it for yourself!

Here is a true demonstration of a pair of Ovvo's holding a 45 pound weight by themselves. Don't believe it? Stop by and see it for yourself!

Apart from being one of the strongest pairs of glasses on the market, Ovvo has a style that will work for anyone. Whether you're looking for something bold, reserved, interesting materials, and everything in between they have it available. Ovvo has frames available in Metal, Acetate (plastic), Exotic Woods, full Carbon Fiber, and even 24k Gold Plated metal. 

We have the largest selection of Ovvo Optics in Utah, and we are the only dealer in Logan, Utah. So if you're looking for glasses that are industructible and will last a lifetime come take a look at Krystal Vision and Sunwear.

Who is Krystal Vision?

Hey everybody! Glad you decided to take a peek at our blog and hopefully over time we can offer some information that you find useful! If you don't already know who we are allow me to introduce ourselves. We are Krystal Vision and Sunwear based out of beautiful Logan, Utah. We specialize in unique eyeglasses and sunglasses in both prescription and non prescription! Over the last 18 years we've been in business we have become well known for offering unique brands and exceptional customer service. If we don't have what you're looking for we are willing to do whatever we need to do to find it!

Started in 1999 by our incredible owner Michele Johnson we have grown to two locations, six employees, and three generations. We are still in our original location at 550 E. 1400 N. Ste P, Logan, UT and we opened a second location in 2012 that has now moved to 55 E. 1400 N. #140, Logan, UT.

Krystal Vision has one of the broadest inventories in Utah, and something to fit every budget! We have made the effort to carry unique brands that you can wear confidently and are built to last. Along with well known brands such as Oakley sunglasses and ophthalmic frames, Spy Optic, Dragon, and many more. We have added brands that are exclusive to us with the best quality and warranties in the eyewear industry, brands like Raen Optics, Etnia Barcelona, Ovvo Optics, FEB31st and so many more. So if you're looking for something unique and different from what you find at most opticals you visit, stop by and allow us to help you find your new look!